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First post in absolutely yonks…and I have so many posts in drafts including one for my Branded3 buddies. Anyway, I spotted something new to Google today which I am pretty sure no one  has blogged about it yet. Spotted today was “You visited this page on _____” below the result which on first impressions is [...]


Google are testing a new simplified search screen. Seen above’s new simpler search homepage was passed to me by Branded3 colleague Julian Kay in Chrome Incognito last night Sunday 26th June 2011. The new simpler search layout does not include the following: ‘Google Search’ Button ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button ‘Advanced Search’ Link ‘Language Tools’ [...]


Two day ago I posted how I believed the launch of Google Instant Pages would effect rankings. The general jist of post was that it would improve conversion and bounce rate as a reader would be more likely to convert deeper within the site if the page loads quicker. It makes sense, a slow loading [...]


Anyone with an ounce of online knowledge knows that ‘SEO’ and ‘link building’ are not interchangeable phrases. It is commonly known that link building alone will not cut it in today’s competitive markets. My question is that is standalone SEO enough? Here at Branded3 we have implemented a number of techniques to achieve rankings in [...]

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Most of you will have noticed that Google are experimenting removing the underlines from the SERPs. At the moment this seems browser specific, see below – Chrome 10.0.648.205: Share this if you like it or even if you don’t: