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Meta Keywords – A Ranking Factor?

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by ANDREW RODGERS on 2012/09/14

So this post is part informational and part test.

I noticed a certain poor quality website was ranking for my client’s brand name and because this particular website was new to me, I looked into why this was happening. The site in question had no inbound links and from what I can tell, no social mentions.

There is simply my client’s brand name in their meta keywords. Nothing in the title tag, nothing in the copy or the meta description etc etc…

And I have it on good authority from a colleague that an ex-Goog told him that meta keywords have always been a ranking factor.

So yeah, pretty sure many will have tried before but this post will include some Googlewack –esque meta keywords. I may even throw some in the meta description, you never know, if I throw enough shit at the wall, some might stick.