Ignorant Journalism To Search Engine Ranking Factors

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by ANDREW RODGERS on 2012/01/11

Ignorance is unforgivable by people who abuse their position of authority.

I understand sometimes mistakes are made but the articles I have read recently have show clear ignorance and quite despicable.

Danny Sullivan writes a great article tearing apart the paper released by US Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. I don’t need to ad anything to Danny’s article – so I won’t.

One piece of ignorant journalism I read yesterday by Foxnews.com titled “Google and Others Embrace Vile Attack on Santorum”. I won’t link to it for reasons that will become obvious later in the post.

Dan Savage’s great piece of work ranking a definition for the word “Santorum” over Rick Santorum’s official website has caused a storm of publicity.

What many journalists including Dan Gainor writing in Foxnews.com don’t understand is SEO and the ranking factors that effect search engines. Dan writes that the sole reason that Spreadingsantorum.com ranks for the search term “Santorum” is thanks to an extensive lefty campaign to discredit opponents of gay marriage. What Dan makes the mistake of is linking to the website in question with no less than a followed link with the keyword in question “Santorum” within the anchor text.

That’s a nice little high authority link from a global news corporation.

And they wonder why Spreadingsantorum.com ranks so damn well? You are just adding to very reason you are writing the article.

Back to the drawing board Dan.



So I’d thought I’d tweet Dan Gainor and invite him to read my post and offer him a SEO 101, for him to broaden his knowledge on inbound marketing. Unfortunately after reading the post he chose to block me from Twitter.

It isn’t the biggest surprise. I would be likely to do the same.

But Dan, the offer is still open to guide you through some of the basics to enhance your knowledge and therefore the quality of your journalism.

Dan Gainor

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