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by Andrew Rodgers on 2011/09/16 · 0 comments

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Mega site links as we all should know, recently launched on the 16th of August.

It launched with an 8-pack but was quickly reduced to a 6-pack on the 2nd September midday EST time.

Since the launch of mega site links I have done many brand searches and witnessed many un-optimised meta descriptions. Google now only shows a small number of characters for each mega site link meta description. The number of characters is 34 for every mega site link meta description. I believe it is important to optimise the mega site link meta description length to optimise conversion.

I would suggest to include a call to action in the first 34 characters. For example I have a large insurance company as a client here in Melbourne and I drew up a quick document tweaking their current mega site meta descriptions.

It originally was:

[BRAND NAME]: Insurance at a competitive price….

I changed it to:

Get a [BRAND NAME] insurance quote. Insurance at a competitive price…

The red text represents the first 34 characters. [And quite luckily it is 34 characters]

I would doubt that Google would change the mega site links character length again but I wouldn’t put it past them.

NB, One important thing to consider is that Google allows you 34 characters of compete words. It does nor show part words. So if your meta description had a word ending on the 35th character it wouldn’t consider that word in the SERPs.

Does that make sense? Possibly not but it’s late Friday and I’ve nearly just finished my third beer in the office. So I don’t care. Enjoy SEOers.


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