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Mega Site Links Meta Description Character Length – UPDATE

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by ANDREW RODGERS on 2011/09/23

In a recent post about Mega Site Link Meta Descriptions Character Length I pretty much stated that the character length for the new mega site link was 34 characters.

This came from thorough research into a large number of brand search terms. I then implemented this strategy to one of my financial clients here at  Reprise Media.

Unfortunately my method did no work entirely as it should have. The last word within the 34 characters of my optimised meta description was missed from three of the six mega site link.

This suggests that Google grants a larger number of characters to be shown depending on the website/brand. I am not insinuating that they are biased in any way just that the influencing factor in what is showed in the meta description is not chartacter length.

If it isn’t character length then I am unsure what it could be…answers on a postcard please!

To be safe, I would stick to 30 characters.