So this post is part informational and part test.

I noticed a certain poor quality website was ranking for my client’s brand name and because this particular website was new to me, I looked into why this was happening. The site in question had no inbound links and from what I can tell, no social mentions.

There is simply my client’s brand name in their meta keywords. Nothing in the title tag, nothing in the copy or the meta description etc etc…

And I have it on good authority from a colleague that an ex-Goog told him that meta keywords have always been a ranking factor.

So yeah, pretty sure many will have tried before but this post will include some Googlewack –esque meta keywords. I may even throw some in the meta description, you never know, if I throw enough shit at the wall, some might stick.

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Ignorance is unforgivable by people who abuse their position of authority.

I understand sometimes mistakes are made but the articles I have read recently have show clear ignorance and quite despicable.

Danny Sullivan writes a great article tearing apart the paper released by US Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. I don’t need to ad anything to Danny’s article – so I won’t.

One piece of ignorant journalism I read yesterday by titled “Google and Others Embrace Vile Attack on Santorum”. I won’t link to it for reasons that will become obvious later in the post.

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First of all, this post has been a long time coming. I originally began this post some months ago when my employer was still Branded3, a super awesome digital agency based in Leeds, UK. On the 15th August (yes, it’s that late) I joined super awesome digital agency Reprise Media as an SEO consultant based in their Melbourne office. So now I look back and reflect on the great time I had within the past two years with Branded3.

In my time there I saw our SEO team triple in size. It is a great agency with sound ethics and an ambitious outlook; in fact the company has expanded so rapidly not even the internet has been able to cope (a little internal joke there guys).

Branded3 owes it all to the positive, imaginative and motivated mentality of each and every individual sat in their crowded Aberford office. It is not often you work in an environment where every employee shares the same view of the determined leadership figures at the helm.

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In a recent post about Mega Site Link Meta Descriptions Character Length I pretty much stated that the character length for the new mega site link was 34 characters.

This came from thorough research into a large number of brand search terms. I then implemented this strategy to one of my financial clients here at  Reprise Media.

Unfortunately my method did no work entirely as it should have. The last word within the 34 characters of my optimised meta description was missed from three of the six mega site link.

This suggests that Google grants a larger number of characters to be shown depending on the website/brand. I am not insinuating that they are biased in any way just that the influencing factor in what is showed in the meta description is not chartacter length.

If it isn’t character length then I am unsure what it could be…answers on a postcard please!

To be safe, I would stick to 30 characters.


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Mega site links as we all should know, recently launched on the 16th of August.

It launched with an 8-pack but was quickly reduced to a 6-pack on the 2nd September midday EST time.

Since the launch of mega site links I have done many brand searches and witnessed many un-optimised meta descriptions. Google now only shows a small number of characters for each mega site link meta description. The number of characters is 34 for every mega site link meta description. I believe it is important to optimise the mega site link meta description length to optimise conversion.

I would suggest to include a call to action in the first 34 characters. For example I have a large insurance company as a client here in Melbourne and I drew up a quick document tweaking their current mega site meta descriptions.

It originally was:

[BRAND NAME]: Insurance at a competitive price….

I changed it to:

Get a [BRAND NAME] insurance quote. Insurance at a competitive price…

The red text represents the first 34 characters. [And quite luckily it is 34 characters]

I would doubt that Google would change the mega site links character length again but I wouldn’t put it past them.

NB, One important thing to consider is that Google allows you 34 characters of compete words. It does nor show part words. So if your meta description had a word ending on the 35th character it wouldn’t consider that word in the SERPs.

Does that make sense? Possibly not but it’s late Friday and I’ve nearly just finished my third beer in the office. So I don’t care. Enjoy SEOers.


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